Puppy Questionnaire
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Thank you for considering owning a River Retriever.  We know you have done your research and can see we strive to produce and raise healthy sound Labradors that conform to the standard.  We require a $500 (plus FL tax) non-refundable deposit.  This shows us that you are ready to commit to River Retrievers just as we are ready to commit to providing you with the best puppy possible.

When filling out this questionnaire, you are accepting the lifelong commitment to care for your River Retriever.  If for any reason you can not, you agree to return your dog to us.

Our puppies not only need love and attention they also require training.  Puppies do not settle down as they grow older, they must be trained and learn to be a well-behaved family member.  ​​​​ They require a substantial amount of time for training, or you need to arrange to have he/she trained.

This questionnaire will give you an idea of things we consider important in determining which puppy gets placed with each home.  There are no right or wrong answers.   Your puppy will be selected for you based on this information so please be thorough.  ​​

Our waiting list varies up to 6 months.  Please know that you aren't just buying the next available Labrador puppy you can find, you are buying a dedicated breeder that has committed their life to ensuring ​you have a well-socialized healthy Labrador, that looks and behaves as they should.  

​We will accept limited deposits to keep the wait as minimal as possible.  Mother Nature doesn't always go by our schedule or listen to our requests for a certain color/sex.  

Please watch these videos by Dr. Becker and Dr. Sue in their entirety before proceeding: The Truth About Spaying and NeuteringWhen is the best time to spay/neuter?